Enthralled with the picturesque scenery at Huong Pagoda

So what is so interesting about Huong Pagoda that attracts so many domestic and foreign tourists, let’s find out

Huong Pagoda, or full name is Huong Son Pagoda, is a complex of monuments and landscapes with many temples, temples, communal houses, surrounded by majestic and pristine mountains.

The scenery in this place is so poetic, making many visitors admiring and enjoying it. So that for a long time, people considered the Perfume Pagoda is an ideal destination for Buddhists in the early months of the year, especially the time of the festival season.

To explore the beauty of Huong Pagoda, you have to take a boat on the river for quite a long time, from Duc Pier you get on a boat trip on Yen stream, to the Tro pier, boat come back.

Many people wonder why they do not build walking paths or bridges to make it easier for residents and visitors to take the initiative. But if so, there will be no longer the unique traits that only Huong Pagoda has anymore, visitors will no longer feel all the special features that the landscape here owns and is bestowed.

Coming here, you have only one way is to sit on the beautiful little boats under the skillful paddle of the boatmen, they will take you to explore the temples on the mountains, separated by the winding winding song. Yen stream brings a gentle beauty, letting go between the two mountains with soft curves.

Visitors will surely feel new and excited when sitting on a river boat, immersing themselves in nature to feel the wild beauty of the landscape here. From the boat, you will admire the mountains, hills covered with lush green trees, feel the blend of wind, sun, water and plants.


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