Trang An Ancient – hot destination in Ninh Binh province.

In Trang An, there are two places: Trang An and Trang An ancient. In particular, Trang An, which attracts thousands of visitors every spring, is a new area built by damming, water storage, digging through mountains, forming underground rivers. Only 2 km away is the ancient Trang An with pristine beauty. Photo: Hanggriibii.

Although the hotel has been open for a long time, recently, the pictures of Trang An ancient area have been shared and loved by many young people, asking for directions. One of the most appealing points here is the winding path to the mountain. To climb the mountain, visitors will take 30 minutes to an hour, depending on each person’s health. There is no charge to climb the mountain like visiting Tham Mua Cave.

From the top of the mountain, visitors can see the panoramic view of the unspoilt Trang An with identical mountains, villages and fields.


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