Who said that Da Lat only suited a dreaming style? As cool as this best friends couple still has a charismatic!

Who said that Da Lat only suited a dreaming style? As cool as this best friends couple still has a charismatic!

Whenever we hear the words of enticement to Dalat, we will often think right in the beginning of the romantic, lyrical scene, the posture of being shy, shy, and the gentle, slightly wobbly outfits .

But recently, there are a couple of close friends of the opposite sex has made people completely change the view of Dalat city. Instead of taking a set of photos like many others, these close friends made the viewers have to widen their eyes with their charisma and coolness in Dalat photo album.

Dang Khoa and Y Nhi are long best friends, but both live hundreds of kilometers apart. Some people live in An Giang and others live in Bình Dương so the frequency of meetings is very limited. On the occasion of the New Year, Khoa and Nhi took advantage of their free time to make a spring trip together in the foggy city.

Looking through this series, it can be seen that the only close friends that have a pose are holding hands, face without emotion and then looking straight at the camera. Sharing about this type of photography, Dang Khoa shared: “The concept of this photography is due to the two of us thinking. At first, both of us had a lot of strange ideas, and then other “high fashion” styles, but in the end we decided to choose a minimalist pose like in the photo album because it was both simple and very charismatic. . I didn’t think it would get so much support from people who posted it.”

Although only 3 days in Dalat, Khoa and Nhi have traveled a lot of places. Some prominent places appearing in this album are Cu Lan Village, Lam Vien Square, Xuan Huong Lake, College of Education, Nguyet Vong Lau, a windmill, a lonely pine tree, and a tea hill. In addition, on the road traveling by motorbike, every time you see a pretty place, the couple will pull over to pose for a photo.

Besides the ecstasy and the variety of locations, the costumes of these two friends are also very interested. The costumes “all black” combined with military motifs of the Department of Pediatrics and is considered very strange but still no less fashionable. Known before the trip, the two had Facetime together constantly to discuss the costumes for the trip.


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